CDI SecuFlex


ESKO Models Available: 2530, 4835


Based on the award winning technology of the Dupont Cyrel™ Digital Imager (CDI), the CDI Secu-Flex 2530 and 4835 deliver digital flexo plates suitable to be used for high-quality security printing applications.

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CDI SecuFlex 2530 and 4835

The CDI SecuFlex 2530 is available for plate formats 25” x 30” / 635 x 762 mm, the CDI Secu-Flex 4835 for plate formats 48” x 35” / 1200 x 900 mm. They are both equipped with Easy-Clamp for fast and most convenient plate loading on the vacuum drum. Optionally a magnetic / magnetic-vacuum drum is available for steelbase Letterpress plates.

The CDI images on digital flexo, letterpress plates as well as ablative film

The digital flexo and letterpress plates have a mask layer – sensitized to the CDI’s laser light – on top of its surface. After imaging, this mask takes the function of the traditional film negative. Through the integration of the image carrier, a digital flexo plate has a sharper image definition and steeper relief shoulders than conventional plates produced with film. Image deterioration by UV light absorption and scattering in the traditional contacting through vacuum sheet and film is totally eliminated. The CDI technology provides a major breakthrough in enhanced output quality and consistency, with reduced overall process cost.



Kalideck Antalis is a Supplier of Esko products. Esko is a graphic arts company producing prepress software and hardware for the packaging and labels, sign and display, commercial printing and publishing industries
Esko Brand


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