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We are committed to working with mills that have FSC® Certifications which means that our products come from well-managed and sustainable forests run according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

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FSC® Certificate


  • FSC Chain of Custody is an information trail taken by products from the forest or, in the case of recycled materials, from the reclamation site, to the consumer. This trail includes each stage of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution, where progress to the next stage of the supply chain involves a change of ownership.

  • Any change of ownership in the supply chain requires the establishment of effective Chain of Custody management systems, at the level of the respective organisation and their verification by independent certification bodies, if the organisation wants to make an FSC claim about their products.

  • Developing and implementing Chain of Custody management systems is a way for organisations to effectively control their processing system, and show their customers the origin of the material in their products.

Our aim is to show our commitment to this responsible forestry programme and ensure Responsible Paper Merchantry beyond just paper sourcing.   We, as Antalis ensure that our current and future suppliers source material from well-managed, controlled resources.


In essence, what we’re talking about is “Track-Back”.  This is the ability to track the process, through the supply chain,  from  the client brief  to Designer (Designing responsibly), to the printed paper (Merchant and Printer),Manufacturer (Paper Mill), and lastly right back to the tree (Pulping & Forest).
There are already FSC certified products within our existing range of papers.

David concludes “Through our FSC certification, we believe, as a Paper Merchant, it is important that we ‘put our money where our mouth is’, and by working to create a higher level of awareness to all players in the chain, right to the end user, of the responsibly managed forests and plantations and thereby of the environment, making our contribution to correctly managing and protecting the resources this industry depends on for its own sustainability, longevity and perhaps, even, survival”


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