Kalideck’ Office Sector offers a range of office paper and solutions to meet the ongoing paper and office solution needs of the business market of Southern Africa.

We have risen to the challenge by offering a range of papers that allow consumers to be more discerning and more creative with their paper choice, thereby delivering an enhanced end-product from their office printing equipment.

Office Paper and Solutions offering

We ensure the needs of our customers are met with a focused range of office paper products.

Hi Q Titan coated art paper benefits


  • Double A

  • Image Volume

  • Image Colouraction

  • Rotatrim

  • Typek

  • IQ Selection Smooth

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Hi Q Titan coated art paper print applications


  • Kalideck boards – White

  • Kalideck boards – Tinted

  • Maestro® Color  Coloured paper collection by Mondi

  • A collection of FSC® Certified digital creative papers

  • Lenza Green – Extra-white recycled FSC® certified paper

  • Arjowiggins – Creative Digital FSC® Certified Range

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Hi Q Titan coated art paper print techniques


  • Corrugated Boxes

  • Kraft Paper

  • Info Boards

  • Packaging Tapes

  • Poster Frames

  • Flipcharts

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