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ArtiosCAD import plug-in for Adobe ® Illustrator®

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Open native ArtiosCAD files in Adobe ® lllustrator®

Esko’s ArtiosCAD is the industry’s most popular computer aided packaging design (CAD) software. ArtiosCAD provides structural designers with a tool for conceptual design, product development, and ‘live’ prototypes. Until now CAD files could only be exchanged in file formats such as DXF, EPS, CFF2 and structural intelligence such as folding, animation, material, etc. was lost.

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The ArtiosCAD import plug‐in allows Adobe ® lllustrator® operators to view the structural design and integrate it into the graphic design.
With the ArtiosCAD plug-in you can open / place native ArtiosCAD files in Adobe® Illustrator® without any file conversion.

Alignment tool

allows to snap the CAD objects and lines to the graphical elements.

Locked CAD layer

prevents changing the CAD file with standard Adobe® Illustrator® editing tools.

Dynamic linking

automatic updates of CAD layer when the original CAD file is edited.

CAD line styles translator

The different CAD line styles are translated to custom colors.



Kalideck Antalis is a Supplier of Esko products. Esko is a graphic arts company producing prepress software and hardware for the packaging and labels, sign and display, commercial printing and publishing industries
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