Munken by Arctic paper

Munken by Arctic PaperMunken by Arctic paper

Munken Pure, Lynx and Polar

Munken is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sound paper produced at Munkedals, which is one of the world’s cleanest fine paper mills. Munkedals AB have been awarded the well-recognised ISO 14001, EMAS and carry the Nordic Swan Label. They are also working towards a variety of other environmental standards such as pulp purchased from other environmentally friendly suppliers. For Arctic Paper Munkedals AB, all environmental issues are of greatest importance. Munken by Arctic Paper is also FSC approved.

Arctic paper


Munken by Arctic Paper – Munken Pure (light cream) and Munken Lynx (white) are uncoated wood-free papers. They are surfaced-sized with a specially treated surface to ensure both good production economy and superior runnability. They have excellent bulk and opacity. Munken Pure and Munken Lynx are Laser and Inkjet compatible in the writing weight.

Munken Pure and Munken Lynx are high quality papers for original and economical annual reports, corporate stationery, advertising and promotional brochures, fashion books, calendars and leaflets. For letterheads, the recommended sheet size is 900 x 640mm. 400 g/m² available on request.

Munken by Arctic Paper finishes, sheet sizes and grammages:

Sheet Size

900 x 640

640 x 900

720 x 1020

g/m 2









Munken Pure

Munken Lynx

Munken Polar

400 g/m2 available on request

C6 and DL envelopes are available in Munken Pure and Minken Lynx on request.


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