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Mandini and Kraft Paper

Kalideck Mandini and Kraft Paper

Mandini and Kraft brown wrapping papers are used in a variety of industries, from printing to engineering organisations and furniture manufacturers.
Kraft paper is a more coarse and rough paper when compared to Mandini wrapping paper, which is more refined and has a slight gloss finish. Available in rolls.

Uses: For outer packaging, wrapping paper, for parcels, school books and files. Can also be used for interleaving (Kraft interleaving paper is used between layers of metal sheets to prevent any damage to the surface caused by the friction between two layers.)


Mandini and kraft paper – tough packaging material

Features & Benefits

  • Particularly robust

  • Can be printed and processed to customer specifications

Brown Kraft Papers Range

Mandini Wrap Brown80455mm x 10kgRoll
Mandini Wrap Brown80610mm x 20kgRoll
Mandini Wrap Brown80915mm x 20kgRoll
Mandini Wrap Brown801220mm x 29kgRoll


Kalideck Antalis

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