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Corrugated Boxes – Single Wall

Corrugated Boxes – Single Wall

Comprehensive standard range available. Boxes can be printed to customer specifications. Contact our office to enquire about your requirements.

Uses: Goods protected during transport, packaging as an advertising medium, multifunctional transport and storage packaging.


Folding boxes made from single wall corrugated cardboard

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent value for money

  • Modular sizes match pallet dimensions

  • Environmentally-friendly, is made largely from recycled paper

  • Space-saving as it is supplied, folded flat

Corrugated Box Stock 1 – SW150mm x 100mm x 100mmeach
Corrugated Box Stock 2 – SW230mm x 150mm x 150mmeach
Corrugated Box Stock 3 – SW250mm x 150mm x 250mmeach
Corrugated Box Stock 4 – SW300mm x 230mm x 300mmeach
Corrugated Box Stock 5 – SW450mm x 300mm x 300mmeach
Corrugated Box Stock 6 – SW600mm x 450mm x 300mmeach
Corrugated Box Stock 7 – SW450mm x 450mm x 500mmeach


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