CDI Advance Cantilever


ESKO Models Available:  1450, 1750


The CDI Advance Cantilever 1750 and 1450 address the highest quality flexo applications, primarily in the flexible packaging and folding carton markets. They enable high throughput by perfect ease of use and highest consistency. The CDI Advance Cantilever 1750 images digital flexo sleeves up to a sleeve length of 69“ / 1750 mm, the CDI Advance Cantilever 1450 up to a sleeve length of 57“ / 1450 mm. Optionally the device can be equipped with an incorporated plate loading table, and a vacuum drum-sleeve with EasyClamp to securely hold down flexo plates of a size up to 50″ x 80″ / 1270 mm x 2032 mm for the CDI Advance Cantilever 1750 and of 42″ x 60″ / 1067 mm x 1524 mm for the CDI Advance Cantilever 1450.

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CDI Advance Cantilever 1450 and 1750


The CDI Advance Cantilever is the worlds’ most advanced digital flexo imaging device. It features a record speed of up to 8.0 m²/hr (86 ft²/h) thanks to a high-reliability fiber laser with multibeam optics. The Optics 80 offers fully variable resolution imaging and seamless imaging of sleeves. The CDI Advance Cantilever 1750 images a full plate format of 50” x 80” / 1270 x 2032 mm in 19 minutes, the CDI Advance Cantilever 1450 a full plate format of 42” x 60” / 1067 x 1524 mm plate in 12 minutes. This way they match the fastest plate processing equipment available in the industry.


Optionally the CDI Advance Cantilever 1450 and 1750 can be equipped with an Inline UV Main Exposure unit for main exposure of a sleeve or plate.

Imaging digital flexo plates and sleeves on the CDI

The digital flexo plate has a mask layer – sensitized to the CDI’s laser light – on top of its surface. After imaging, this mask takes the function of the traditional film negative. Through the integration of the image carrier, a digital flexo plate has sharper image definition and steeper relief shoulders than conventional plates produced with film. Image deterioration by UV light absorption and scattering in the traditional contacting through vacuum sheet and film is totally eliminated. The CDI technology provides a major breakthrough in enhanced output quality and consistency, with reduced overall process cost.



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