Coated Paper

Kalideck Antalis offers a range of Coated paper – Coated paper is paper which has been coated by a mixture of materials or a polymer to impart certain qualities to the paper, including weight, surface gloss, smoothness or reduced ink absorbency

  • Certified for HP Indigo Choose Magno Plus premium coated paper for its perfect balance between excellent bulk and image brilliance. Magno Plus is a coated fine paper available in sheets and reels for a multitude of full-colour Litho Print applications including Digital Print. 
    • Extraordinary image brilliance
    • Premium coated, high gloss and opacity
    • Superb silky smooth, even and high white surface
    • Superior quality consistency
    • Certified for HP Indigo
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  • Hi-Q Titan Digital paper Hi-Q Titan Paper for Digital Printing - Gloss and Matt Hi-Q Titan paper is manufactured by Evergreen Hansol at Janghang Mill in Korea.
    • Hi-Q Titan paper is manufactured in accordance with the most stringent environmental protection and sustainable forest development standards.
    • Hi-Q Titan from Hansol is Forest Stewardship Council® certified FSC Mix Credit. It is ISO 14001, ISO 9001 certified.
    • The smoother surface, super whiteness and brightness together with the uniform double coating of Hi-Q Titan wood-free paper ensures excellent digital print results.
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