Kalideck OEM spares shop logoKalideck is very excited to announce the launch of our online Graphics OEM Spares Shop! Shop now to receive our opening special pricing.

You can now buy printing machine spare parts from our Graphics online shop. All parts are from the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Also, they include a 30-day returns policy backed by Kalideck.

About our Online Graphics OEM Spares Shop

Kalideck strives to be at the forefront of the continually evolving local paper, packaging and graphic solutions industry. As leading suppliers to the graphics industry, we offer state-of-the-art technology, packaging software, digital equipment, grand and wide format printers. We also store an array of consumables to bring paper to life! View all our offerings here.

Current Graphics OEM Spares Categories include:

Kalideck Graphics OEM spares shop now open

Graphics OEM Spares Shop Team

Our Graphics team is managed by Kevin Tucker and is geared up to meet the needs of customers by providing them with leading graphics equipment technology and consumables.  Excellent service is what our reputation as one of the leading companies serving the design and printing industry is built on. Our highly competent Graphics sector technical personnel are trained overseas and kept up to speed on the latest technological developments. Read more about our Graphics Sector and all its offerings.


Kalideck has a range of OEM VUTEk printer spare parts for sale.  VUTEk original spare parts for EFI™ VUTEk ® superwide digital inkjet printers. From the introduction of the first wide-format airbrush printer to the latest developments in LED curing technology, VUTEk printers continue to expand the possibilities of digital print

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Online Graphics OEM Spares Shop Vutek

All products are packaged and shipped using our environmentally-friendly paper packaging solutions.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Green packaging solutions sector for more about this. Here at Kalideck, we care about the future. We’re also celebrating our 10th anniversary of FSC certification this year!

Kalideck, your business partner of choice for graphics industry solutions!

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