Carta Elega folding box board

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Carta Elega folding box board

Carta Elega folding boxboard

CARTA ELEGA – Folding box board range from METSÄ BOARD

Irresistible packaging solutions from Kalideck Antalis!

Carta Elega folding box board made with fresh forest fibres from Metsä Board.

Metsa Board








Carta Elega folding box board is a fully coated bleached paperboard with coated back, available in a basis weight range of 205-380g/m² and suitable for offset, gravure, flexo and digital printing.

Carta Elega provides premium print quality with superior visual smoothness. Its blade coating on the reverse adds to its versatility for smart brand packaging applications and allows for good print on the inside. Carta Elega has high brightness and an equal blue-white shade on both sides, adding to its suitability for fragrances and beauty products.

In graphics applications Carta Elega’s superior surface reproduces the most sophisticated graphics and branding with high colour accuracy. Its high brightness leaves unprinted areas with a clean appearance. Light but stiff, Carta Elega helps cards and covers keep their shape throughout their life.

Environmental Credentials

  • Carta Elega is made from fresh fibres, traceably sourced in sustainably managed northern forests.
  • All of Metsä Board’s products are manufactured under the highest environmental and safety standards, and hold PEFC and FSC® chain of custody certification and FSC controlled wood status.
  • Carta Elega is ISO 9001 Quality Management, 14001 Environmental Management, OHSAS 180001 as well as Food Safety Management System ISO 22000.


Carta Elega has excellent stiffness, making strong cartons that keep their shape in transit and on the shelf. Its lightweight construction allows a lower basis weight to be specified without loss of strength and performance.


Carta Elega is recommended for fragrances, make-up products, toiletries, hair coloration products, healthcare, other high-quality packaging, cards and covers, IT, CD/DVD packs, POS materials.

Carta Elega Product Range:

Description – blue-white shade on both sides fully coated bleached paperboard with coated back
BRANCHESg/m 2Sheet Size mm
230255280305355455×640640 x 915720 x 1020915 x 1280


Metsä Board

Metsä Board is a leading European producer of premium paperboards.

These include; folding boxboards, food service boards and white kraftliners. Our lightweight paperboards based on pure fresh fibres are developed as the perfect fit for consumer goods, retail-ready and food service packaging. Our focus is on creating even lighter and better paperboard solutions for brands of the future. Together with our customers we innovate solutions that are not only better for consumers but are better for the world as well.
Metsa Board


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