100% recycled

/100% recycled
  • Xanita-distributorXanita X-Board Print - Rigid graphics board FULLY REPULPABLE NATURAL FIBRE BASED BOARD Xanita X-board Print is a natural fibre based board consisting of a 100% recycled kraft core sandwiched between white, repulpable liners. Its high-crush strength paper core is manufactured from post-consumer recycled paper and sugar cane waste. Due to its kraft content, X-Board Print is best disposed of in paper-recycling bins after use. Suitable for Indoor Display such as Point Of Sale, In-Store Furnishings, Exhibitions Stands. It can be printed, upholstered, laminated, shape cut, painted, fastened with Velcro, Magnetic strips or Hot Melt Adhesive and pressed with foils. Suitable for vinyl applications.
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